About the Jr. Beekeepers Program

The Kawartha Junior Beekeepers Program started in 2017. It is a hands-on program for children/youth interested in learning about beekeeping. The program takes participants through a full year of beekeeping…from hive building and repairing, to colony management, to honey harvesting, to winterizing. Each month participants learn to be stewards of their own beehive.

The program offers a mix of classroom and hands-on work in the hive.  In class, the students learn about pollination, bee biology and pest management.  At the hive, they observe and identify bees, their roles, and learn about hive products.  Guest speakers and field trips round out the program.

Program Objectives:

• to introduce youth to the world of honeybees and the role of the beekeeper;
• to communicate the importance of honeybees as pollinators;
• to encourage a new generation of beekeepers.


• Hands-on (working with the bees, honey harvesting)
• Classroom
• Workshops (e.g. assembling equipment, candle making)
• Site visits
• Guest speakers

Ages: 8 to 12 years

Note about bee stings: All participants will wear full bee suits when working with the bees. However, bee stings are always a possibility.